An Analytics System for Publishers, free of charge It only requires a few lines of code.

It provides key indexes to support Publishers’ successful marketing plans after the app launching. More important, it is visually optimized for ease of use.

Data-driven Marketing It tracks all advertising channels and measures ROI.

IGAWorks’ main priority is to constantly improve our clients’ ROI.
Through our accumulated data and experience as the Korea’s mobile ad market pioneer, we provide marketing plans to boost your performance in an innovative way. We are 24/7 open to you. Please contact us at

Mobile App Monetization Do you know that some apps are generating $100,000 monthly through app advertising?

It is well known that mobile users are reluctant to pay for services. Incentivized mobile ad is a win-win for both users and publishers. Plus, beautifully-designed IGAWorks’ UI adds to the beauty of your app.
* IGAWorks, one of the largest local ad networks, has a partnership with KaKao Talk, one of the largest game platforms in Korea.

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