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What do you think makes this ad visible to you?

TRADINGWORKS, which is an ad platform of IGAWorks, provides sponsors with ways to display their ads in mobile application. Activity-related records in applications will help you decide which ads to display. These are called online audience ads to which targeting skills widely used on the Internet are applied.

We at IGAWorks put great value on customers’ information.

We collect customer businesses’ application use-related data, but not customers’ personal information.Our services are provided through communications between SDKs (software development kits) or servers.
Our customer businesses are to use the services provided by IGAWorks at their discretion. Our customer businesses may collect data to analyze the status of use by different users of their services. In such a process, our customer businesses may store part of non-personal information through the services provided by IGAWorks out of users’ data they collected as follows: irreversibly encrypted and transmitted device identification values including ADID, IDFA, etc. that are legally defined as non-personal information; irreversibly encrypted and transmitted languages; irreversibly encrypted and transmitted OS versions; irreversibly encrypted and transmitted resolution; and irreversibly encrypted and transmitted details of users’ usage. We at IGAWorks display customized creative ads, which attract more attention from users, rather than random ads to our customer businesses and users.

Stored data are separated safely, used only during the service use period, and then deleted, using a technical method that does not allow storage or restoration.

We do not collect information such as details of service use from minors (those under the age of 14) or online services targeting the minors as main users. We do not provide customized ads to such minors. (For more information on our personal information protection policy, please click here.)

Online audience ads management

You may change the status of your device to turn off online audience ads on application. You may decide whether to indicate online audience ads on Tradingworks and other businesses on application.

For Android device (version 2.2 or higher) and Google Play service (version 4.0 or higher)

  1. Go to Google Settings > Move to Ads.
  2. Select to turn off online audience ads, then press Okay.

If you allow online audience ads,

interesting ads that are highly relevant to you become more visible.

If you do not allow online audience ads,

ads that are not so relevant to you continue to be visible. Your exposure to ads does not decrease. Remedies of damages incurrent by users